All people are born gifted.
I hope we discover together the treasures of a person’s talent, intelligence, passions, loves.
I hope these awaken and the treasure of the self is discovered.

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About Dr Tom Wilda

Dr Tom studied clinical social work at Yeshiva University in New York, family therapy at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, and psychodynamic theories and psychotherapy at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago.  He also has studied theology at the Washington Theological Union.

He started his career working in orphanages. He spent a years working in Latin America in the slum areas of Peru before embarking on his study of social work, psychology and psychotherapy.

He has been practicing for over 20 years and in addition to his private practice has worked in addictions treatment at the University of Illinois Chicago, hospice, and  with children and families in therapeutic day schools.

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One key element in any therapy is to create a safe, holding space for the client or clients.  Within the safe space we hope the client or clients can explore whatever issue, idea, feeling, or experience they have. The goal is always greater self understanding and a greater centeredness in the good they have within them.

Individual therapy:

I listen mostly.  I stay in touch with my own feelings and try to use them to interpret the feelings of my client.  I listen for the story of the life and those places where the story does not seem to make sense for the client.  Together I hope to engage the client in an exploration of meaning in their life story and their future ambition.  Being able to understand the meaning is a powerfully curative affect for anxiety and depression.

Vast Experience:

I am available for consultation and supervision.  I have over 25 years of experience working in all modalities of mental health.  I have experience in mental health centers in the U.S.; community centers in Latin America, schools, including therapeutic schools; addiction treatment; hospice and bereavement.


I am available for consultation and therapy for those preparing for or new to ministry. I have experience in working in faith communities.  Although I am Catholic with a background in Christian theology and spirituality, I have worked with people of all faiths.

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